Rev. Elizabeth Ysmay Gray

Tarologist and Spiritual Advisor

RomaniYsmay is an ordained minister and spiritual advisor who uses Tarot to offer a unique perspective to those seeking guidance.

With her kindhearted approach to Tarot rooted in Quakerism and Buddhism, in her sessions she offers a safe and supportive environment for people to freely explore their authentic selves without fear of being judged or mistreated.

Ysmay came to the Tarot at a very young age. Raised in a house of diverse religious beliefs with followers of Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, and Quakerism in the family — along with a couple Pagans — she draws on her diverse religious education and spiritual experiences to hold space for clients who are wandering their own path and seeking their own Truth.

Drawing on inspiration from her beloved Mother who ran a spiritual retreat centre for monks and nuns who were questioning their faith, Ysmay brings a wide range of tools to her sessions.

Descended from Romani-Hungarian Gypsies who immigrated to America during the Holocaust, Ysmay’s roots and traditions influence every session. Even sessions that are not meant to include future telling may have a whiff of channeled insight.

Additionally, Ysmay draws on her knowledge of philosophy, theology, multiverse theory, Buddhist meditation, energy working, New Age ideology, past life regression, and Jungian archetyping to help clients unlock their minds and their Truth.

When not helping clients along their respective paths, she can be found running her coffee shop, or very slowly renovating a 150 year old haunted farmhouse with her partner and their two chaotic cats.

Code of Ethics:

    • Honesty and respect above all
    • There is no kindness in false hope
    • Brutality has no place in a reading
    • Guide the querent to their inner truth


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