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What I Do

I help women tap into their inner wisdom and grow with grace and divinity

It’s time to be divine.

My Philosophy

You have the wisdom of the universe deep in your soul. The answers you need to life’s great questions lie within.

My Approach

By combining meditation, divination, and shadow work, we uncover the truth you kept buried for years.


How divination facilitates transformation


Spiritual Growth Resources

Working with Threes

Working with Threes

https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/sjhaXrFt5xb Tarot cards are a powerful tool for personal and spiritual growth, and the Threes are among the most significant cards in the Tarot deck. In Tarot, Threes are associated with growth, creativity, and manifestation, and...

Working with Twos

Working with Twos

This is not a 100% accurate transcription because I'm not a 100% accurate person when it comes to typing these episodes out. 😉 https://anchor.fm/s/d690be98/podcast/rss The Twos in a tarot deck are the second cards of each suit, and they represent balance, duality,...