March 2023: Astrological Events + Tarot Reading Ideas

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Astrology, Tarot Readings

March marks the beginning of our transition into the season of sunshine and warmth, and is often associated with rejuvenation, growth, and change. March is a great time to start fresh and make resolutions to pursue goals that have been set aside.

Many celebrate the arrival of spring as this month ushers in warmer temperatures and more sunshine. Additionally, it’s a month traditionally associated with luck, which can provide motivation and optimism during difficult times.

There are many astrological transits during this month. I’ve listed here the ones that are most likely to effect your life and your readings.

02 March: Mercury enters Pisces

With the planet of communication transitioning into Pisces, we enter a period of enhanced dreaminess. Our words and ideas become more creative and artful over the next two and a half weeks, giving us a unique perspective that’s slightly tinted by rose-colored glasses.

07 March: Full Moon in Virgo and Saturn enters Pisces

After our time daydreaming, the full moon in Virgo gives us the push we need to turn our aspirations into reality. Today is the perfect opportunity to start on our journey of success. If you haven’t started working on your resolutions, now’s the time.

Following a three-year stay in Aquarius, Saturn is now entering Pisces and bringing us into a new era of growth. Now is the time to distance ourselves from toxic atmospheres and groupthink, and imagine a better and brighter future.

Tarot Suggestion for March 7th:

  • What toxic relationships and/or situations do you need to release?
  • What draws me to toxic relationships?

11 March: Juno enters Taurus

Juno, the asteroid of commitments and fidelity, is finally arriving in practical Taurus – a great time to establish reliable partnerships. Following months of passionate and intense relationships, Juno is setting its sights on Taurus in order to form a more settled and reliable bond. This is a great time for couples to deepen their connections, but be sure not to fall into complacency or gain too much hold over one another. It’s easy to become too demanding or overbearing while enjoying this period of stability.

Tarot Suggestion for March 11th:

  • What can I do to show up best for the people who support me?
  • How can I support those who support me?
  • How can I deepen the relationships and partnerships I have built?
  • How can I be a better partner?

16 March: Venus enters Taurus

Venus is coming home to Taurus, one of its two rulers. From now until April 10, we are given the chance to enjoy stable and pleasurable relationships, as well as pursue financial endeavours, all while avoiding being too clingy or controlling. We can grow and enjoy pursuits and the pleasure of them all without being possessive of the outcome. This is a great time to practice the Buddhist concept of non-attachment.

Tarot Suggestion for March 16th:

What can you release to aid your quest for enlightenment?

18 March: Mercury enters Aries

When Mercury enters the sign of the Ram, our verbal expression takes on a more forceful quality. In the coming weeks, it is imperative to be careful with how we articulate our desires, as being too brash can potentially backfire. Be bold in your requests but do so with tact and grace else they won’t go the way you hope!

20 March: Ostara and the Sun enters Aries

When the Sun enters Aries we are transitioning into astrological New Year. The next four weeks will be full of confidence, courage, and growth. Aries is an exciting astrological time of year that brings plenty of opportunity and potential.

This season, ruled by the planet Mars, symbolizes a new beginning and encourages you to take initiative on projects or ideas you may have been putting off. As Aries aligns with the element Fire, it can bring fiery passion, enthusiasm and adaptability to any pursuit. You may feel more motivated to plan ahead and will be met with optimism when taking risks during this season.

Additionally, Aries is a great time for self-reflection and setting personal goals as its energies promote growth, determination and courage.

The arrival of Ostara marks the celebration of spring. This ancient holiday brings with it a message of regeneration and rebirth, inviting people to appreciate the new season with gratitude and joy. From gathering around bonfires to decorating eggs, Ostara is an opportunity to observe how nature is coming back to life again.

Tarot Suggestions on March 20th:

How can you come back to life after a long and cold winter?

What needs to happen so you can grow into your best self during Aries season?

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