The Fool’s Journey through the Major Arcana

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Working with Threes Inner Truth Tarot

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The Major Arcana Tarot cards are symbols of wisdom, with the potential to open up new paths towards spiritual enlightenment. These cards offer insight into our lives by delving deep into karmic influences and exploring the archetypal themes that we all face at some point in our journey. The symbolism within each card can remind us of important life lessons that have been around for centuries, helping us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. By connecting to these Tarot cards, we can discover new layers and solutions that will lead us towards a more fulfilling existence.

The Fool’s Journey through the Major Arcana offers a unique insight into the symbols and messages of the Tarot cards. All Major Arcana cards have their own meanings, but when taken together form a greater story that explores the universal struggles we all experience in life and our paths towards enlightenment.

Through taking an in-depth look at each card, we can reflect on our journey so far and gain understanding of where we are currently at in our journey. We can also uncover new ways to make sense of our lives, often finding answers to things we didn’t know how to ask for. The Fool’s Journey is not only about discovering new knowledge, but about embracing change, facing challenges, and ultimately finding peace and fulfillment within ourselves.

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The Fool’s Journey

0. The Fool is Born

The Fool card is a powerful symbol of new beginnings and a fresh start. Representing innocence and naivety, this card reminds us of the courage it takes to venture out into the unknown. By stepping off that metaphorical cliff, we can begin a journey of discovery, learning and growth. The number associated with the Fool — zero — speaks to our potential as human beings; at any given moment we are neither good nor bad, instead able to make choices which will determine our future path. This card encourages us to continue on bravely, embracing all that life has in store for us & embracing change in order to reach higher spiritual ground.

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1. The Magician – The Fool Experiences Consciousness

As soon as he starts his journey, the Fool meets two powerful figures who complement each other in many ways; the Magician and the High Priestess. While on the surface it may seem as though these two archetypes represent opposing forces – positive and negative – they actually work together to create balance in our lives. The Magician personifies masculine energy and creativity and is a reminder to all of us to take action in order to make a difference in the world around us.

The Magician represents the illusion of consciousness. Our minds are continually being programmed by everything we touch, everyone we meet, and everything we encounter. The Magician is the embodiment of all that influences us. The Magician creates the illusion through which we see the world; through which our consciousness experiences itself.

On the other hand, the High Priestess assists us in understanding our deeper self through inner reflection and meditation so that we can unlock our full potential and spiritual evolution. Both of these powerful cards serve as essential pieces of wisdom on our journey towards enlightenment.

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2. The High Priestess – The Fool Experiences The Unconscious Mind

The High Priestess represents the unconscious mind. The High Priestess is here to remind us that we have wisdom, and strength, and power, and intuition that is continually overwritten by the Magician; the illusion of consciousness. We have all the knowledge and wisdom of the world within us, and it is the High Priestess that encourages the fool to look within and look through the illusion presented by the Magician to uncover his true wisdom.

Furthermore, the High Priestess encourages the Fool to look within for answers and guidance. She is a powerful symbol of intuition, connectedness, and awareness. When this card arises in your Tarot reading, it is a reminder that the most meaningful insights come from within and that trusting your inner wisdom can open the door to new opportunities and unexpected revelations. The High Priestess beckons us to listen to our hearts and minds so that we may find true balance, harmony, and spiritual evolution on our journey through life.

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3. The Empress – The Fool Experiences Being Nurtured

As the Fool sets out on his journey, he is greeted by the Empress. She is a symbol of abundance, fertility, and the nurturing power of Mother Nature. The Empress encourages us to use our senses to appreciate and take in all of the beauty and richness of the world around us. Her presence reminds us that there is more to life than what meets the eye and that we are being supported by something much greater than ourselves. With her guidance, we can open up to a world of possibility and transformation as we unlock our true potential on The Fool’s Journey.

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4. The Emperor – The Fool Experiences Authority

The Emperor is a powerful figure of structure and discipline, teaching the Fool that there are limits to his desires. He embodies a firm but fair paternal touch, providing order and guidance as the Fool matures into greater self-awareness. The Emperor’s presence reminds us that structure and authority can be beneficial forces in our life if we choose to embrace their teachings with newfound wisdom. With the Emperor’s help, we can take control of our destiny and create lasting change on our journey towards true enlightenment.

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5. The Hierophant – The Fool Experiences Education

When the Fool meets the Hierophant, he is exposed to the world of organised belief systems. The Hierophant acts as a guide, introducing him to traditions of his culture and formal education, while also encouraging him to find friends and form meaningful relationships. Through this experience, the Fool learns how to express himself within a group setting and still remain true to his own unique identity. With the lessons offered by the Hierophant, the Fool begins to navigate a newfound sense of freedom and purpose on his journey towards self-discovery.

Learn more about The Hierophant here.

6. The Lovers – The Fool Experiences Interpersonal Relationships

When the Fool transitions from a child to a young adult, his longing for relationships and sexual intimacy become prevalent. It is important to recognise that this transition requires a balance of both feminine and masculine energy in order to achieve fulfilling, meaningful partnerships. The Fool must be mindful and intentional with his emotions, allowing himself to express both sides of his identity in equal measure in order to foster healthy relationships. With an understanding of this delicate balance between femininity and masculinity, the Fool can move forward on the path towards a successful romantic future.

7. The Chariot – The Fool Experiences Arrogance

With the Chariot card, the Fool stands at the threshold of adulthood, representing an unbridled confidence and exuberance that can often accompany one’s first steps into this new stage of life. In this moment of youthful arrogance, he is reminded to be wary of his own limitations and recognize that experience will inevitably prove invaluable in aiding him in his journey through adulthood. The path may be smooth now but soon enough, the Fool will encounter obstacles that test his strength, courage and resilience as he moves forward on his path towards self-discovery.

8. Strength – The Fool Experiences Challenges

The Strength card represents the resiliency and courage that the Fool must summon in order to face the struggles and hardships of adulthood. This card serves as a reminder for him to be strong in the face of difficult times, drawing on his inner strength and determination to overcome obstacles. The Fool must remember that these challenges are the trials of life that will give him wisdom and experience to better himself. With strength and courage, he can push through anything that life throws at him on his journey into adulthood.

9. The Hermit – The Fool Experiences Self Reflection

With the Hermit card, the Fool is encouraged to take a moment to step away from the busyness of his journey and spend time in contemplative meditation. He must go inward and understand his true desires and limitations before he can try and make sense of the world around him. By taking this time alone, he can discover his path in life, explore his passions and develop deeper relationships with those around him. The Hermit encourages the Fool to be patient and trust in himself as he endures this pivotal journey towards understanding who he is and what he wants out of life.

10. Wheel of Fortune – The Fool Experiences the Realities of Fate

The Wheel of Fortune card serves as a reminder for the Fool to stay flexible and open to all that life can bring as so much of it is out of his control. It also symbolises the power of luck and chance – that even in times of hardship, fortune can come through when least expected. While the Fool may never know what’s around the corner, he must remain confident in his own knowledge and capabilities and approach life with an optimistic outlook. He can accept whatever fate brings him, knowing that with resilience and hope he can turn any situation – either good or bad – into an opportunity to become closer to his true self.

11. Justice – The Fool Realises the Importance of Accountability

With the Justice card, the Fool is reminded that he needs to take responsibility for his actions. He must confront the consequences of his wrongdoings and ensure that justice is served fairly and equitably. This is no easy task, as it will require strength of character, humility and integrity from the Fool. He must have courage to face any punishment that comes his way with dignity and accept whatever the outcome may be. At this crossroads, the Fool must reflect on both options before him – to go down a moral path or a more negative one – and make an honest decision about what will truly benefit himself in the end. In doing so, he can learn from his mistakes, embrace personal growth and live a more balanced and authentic life.

12. The Hanged Man – The Fool is Stuck in Limbo

The Hanged Man card symbolises the Fool’s acceptance of his own limitations and his willingness to surrender control over to fate. It represents a period of stagnation during which the Fool heals, reflects and awaits guidance from a higher power. It is not an easy task – letting go of outcomes, expectations and goals – but it will ultimately lead him towards spiritual growth and inner peace. The Fool has learned that it is important to be mindful of how he interacts with the world, as this will determine whether or not he receives what he needs in life. By being fair and moral, he can expect good things to follow.

13. Death – The Fool Experiences Endings and Transitions

The Fool has embarked on a journey of farewells as he prepares to enter a new chapter in his life. By letting go of what no longer serves him, the Fool can begin anew. However, this parting of ways can be daunting and scary as it symbolizes leaving the comfort of familiarity and moving into the unknown. Despite this fear of the unknown, it is important to remember that this process brings with it the potential for a brighter future with more meaningful experiences and greater fulfillment. With his newfound courage and wisdom, the Fool can embrace each ending as an opportunity to start over and create something even better.

14. Temperance – The Fool Discovers the Importance of Moderation

The Fool has been on a rollercoaster of emotions since his journey began, but now he finds solace in the card of Temperance. Through the turbulent journey experienced thus far, the Fool has learned that moderation is key to creating balance in life. He understands that even though he must wait for some of life’s rewards, it will be worth it in the end. Patience and self-control are two invaluable lessons that will help the Fool make choices from a place of wisdom instead of being overcome by haste and passion. With this newfound understanding, the Fool is now ready to continue his journey with increased equilibrium and poise.

15. The Devil – The Fool Discovers Temptation

Confronting the Devil can be a challenging experience for the Fool, as it forces him to confront his inner darkness and all the temptations that come with it. The Devil can lead us astray, causing us to become enslaved to our own negative impulses and materialistic desires. We may find ourselves drawn towards acceptance from toxic people or an extreme attachment to material items. Regardless of how we are pulled in by the Devil, when we succumb to his power, we neglect our spiritual needs and fail to fully embrace our true potential. It is up to the Fool now to resist the darkness within his soul and reclaim control of his destiny.

16. The Tower – The Fool Experiences Destruction

The Tower card is a powerful reminder of the importance of transformation. While it may seem like a tragedy when our protective walls come tumbling down, this gives us an opportunity to break free from that which holds us back. The Fool’s realisation that the Devil’s chains are an illusion represents a major life shift – one that can bring about an enlightening and soul-shifting experience. By allowing ourselves to be open to change, we can develop greater self-awareness and understanding, ultimately leading us down a more fulfilling path.

17. The Star – The Fool Finds Hope

By gazing upon the Star, the Fool is comforted by a sense of serenity. The woman depicted stands in waters that signify renewal and healing, as well as faith in oneself and a willingness to keep going during difficult times. With her arms raised to the heavens, she symbolises hope and optimism – embracing life’s roller coaster with an open heart. The Star provides a reminder that even when everything seems dark or insurmountable, there will always be something beautiful waiting on the other side. We just need to stay strong and trust that it will come.

18. The Moon – The Fool Discovers Deception

The Moon serves as a reminder that the cycle of life never stops and never truly ends. While the Tower may have caused the Fool to hit rock bottom, the Moon signals that he must remain vigilant and take caution in his interactions with others. As he navigates his way through this new world, the Fool must strive to stay true to his core values and maintain an objective outlook on reality. He must also be mindful of any hidden agendas or ulterior motives that could potentially derail him from his path. In staying alert and recognising potential danger, the Fool can remain steady in his journey towards a more enlightened version of himself.

19. The Sun – The Fool Experiences Joy

The Sun encourages the Fool to step back and appreciate life’s beauty, fully accepting its joys and sorrows. He is now experiencing a more complete understanding of himself and the world around him. He has made his journey through darkness, experienced the chaos of the Tower, walked through the deceptions of the Moon, and now finds himself in a place of positivity and hope. The Fool has reached a state where he can stand free from all that has come before him and breathe in a new world bathed in sunlight. With each new experience, the Fool will continue to evolve into a deeper version of himself – realising that life’s hardships are not just an obstacle but an opportunity to grow and become stronger.

20. Judgement – The Fool Reflects

As he moves forward, the Fool has gained invaluable insight into life and all its nuances. He is prepared to enter a place of balance and harmony, understanding that both joys and hardships must be embraced with grace. The Fool has mastered the true beauty of life – love, truth, and resilience – and is ready to continue his journey towards ultimate enlightenment. He knows there will always be bumps in the road but he no longer fears them; instead, he finds strength in knowing that he is capable of overcoming any challenge. With this newfound power, the Fool can now confidently embrace his destiny, feeling grateful for all that life has taught him along the way.

21. The World – The Fool Sees Completion

The Fool’s journey has been a remarkable one – full of highs and lows, revelations and realizations. He has examined his fears, conquered his demons, and emerged stronger than ever before. The Fool is now more self-aware and spiritually enlightened, seeing the magic and beauty in the world around him. His experiences have shown him how to turn every obstacle on his path into an opportunity for growth. With a newfound sense of courage and wisdom, the Fool takes one final step forward as he prepares to start over with a fuller understanding of himself, ready for whatever life may bring.


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